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Slow Down for Dementia Care - [Download] 

          "An estimated 15 million people suffer from some form of dementia in the United States, over five million of whom have been diagnosed with Azheimer’s Disease. The impact on families is often overwhelming.  IMG partners with patients and their families ensuring exceptional care is provided.  Our goal is to treat the whole person while maintaining their well-being, as well as their dignity."  


 Easy access to infusion therapy aids patient care - [Download]

            Infusion therapy, also known as intravenous or IV therapy, delivers medication and/or nutritional substances into the blood stream.  But not all IV therapies are alike:  A vast array of delivery systems are now available, and each is uniquely suited to individual patient needs.  Specially-trained IMG professionals, innovative equipment, and safe and sanitized environments combine to ensure that patient comfort and convenience is always a priority.


Feed a cold and a fever - [Download]

            There are many methods of fighting colds and the flu, but one approach is written in stone:  Feed a cold and a fever. When fighting a virus, such as a cold or influenza (the flu), your body needs energy, and the best source is healthy food. In addition, a fever, a common symptom of the flu, burns additional calories. When the body temperature increases, so does the demand for more energy or calories. If you suspect you are coming down with a cold or the flu, start eating!


Proper wound care avoids infections - [Download]

         The overall health of an individual plays a significant role in the healing process.  Certain medical conditions can impact the speed with which wounds heal, or create a greater risk of complications.  Some wounds may not heal, and require constant attention to ensure that a wound is properly managed.  Skilled IMG professionals devise an individualized approach to wound care and work with patients to ensure the best possible outcome.  


Rehabilitation therapy optimizes patient function   - [Download]   

         A wide variety of outpatient rehabilitation therapies are offered by IMG to address issues involving strength and control, successful execution of daily life activities, and speech and language deficiencies. The patient and their family, their physician, and related professional staff, work with a trained therapist to maximize a patient’s ability to function at home and in the outside world.